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The Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP) is one of the most highly sought after firearm carry permits in the Nation.  With a Utah CFP you can carry legally in 36 other states plus your own. Concealed Firearm permits, also known as the CCW, CPL or CFP, are not Federally Regulated by the United States Government.  Instead permits and licenses are granted at the State level. Each state is allowed to set their own rules and regulations regarding the Concealed Permits. Here are a few reason's why obtaining your Utah CFP is important!!  

1.)  Reciprocity -  More states recognize the Utah CFP than any other Concealed Carry Permit

2.)  Affordable and easy -  The Utah CFP's cost is significantly lower than any other state and the class is only 4 hours.

3.)  Qualifying.  Utah does not make you qualify with each of your firearms in order to get your CFP.  

4.)  Listing your firearms -  Utah, unlike other states, does not care what you have or carry.  You don't even need to list them on your permit.  Once you have your Utah CFP you can carry whatever you want as long as it is a legal firearm.  

5.)  Laws -  Utah's firearm laws are a lot more "2nd Amendment friendly" than other states.  Just recently Utah's Governor was one of many other Governors that signed a Constitutional Carry Law.  With your Utah CFP you will be legally carrying in multiple states but in Utah you can carry openly without a permit because of this law.

What do I need to do to get my Utah CFP??

  • Sign up for a class today.  Spots are limited

  • Have a valid Concealed Permit in your home state, or in the process of obtaining one

  • Take the 4 hour course and learn about Utah's law's and regulations

  • Submit your application and pay the permitting fee

Utah CFP course is only $75.00

Price for a Utah CFP course include the 4 hour course, finger prints, applications and instructions to apply 

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