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My name is Richard Martin and I am the Owner and Instructor for Rescue74CPR.  Thank you for visiting our site.  Here is just a little bit about me that might be helpful to you in selecting a Company that will meet your needs.  

I am a United States Marine Corps Veteran.  I served 8 years in the United States Marine Corp in which time I trained with very experienced Marines in their field.  I was in the Infantry as an Infantry T.O.W. Gunner, and also went to school to be a Primary Marksmanship Instructor and a combat Pistol and Shotgun Instructor.  While training and getting certifications in all of these skills I managed to start a career in teaching people to shoot accurately, safely, effectively and quickly.  We trained in long range marksmanship, pistol marksmanship, room clearing, Close Quarters Battle, and combat shotgun use.  All of these certifications and training helped me to become the Firearms and CCW Instructor that I am today. 

I was Honorably Discharged from the Marines in 2002 and started seeking the next stage in my career.  I started with CPR and First Aid.  I soon became a Paid Call Firefighter for Merced County and a Volunteer Firefighter with the City of Gustine.  I realized that the Medical and Trauma field peaked my interest, and I pursued furthering my education to become an Emergency Medical Technician.  I am Licensed through the State of California to practice Emergency Medicine and am also Nationally Registered as an EMT.  I realized that teaching was a passion so I started my own small business teaching CPR and AED for all ages, Basic First Aid, BLS and Oxygen Administration.  I have taught and certified hundreds of satisfied customers in this field.  

Teaching is a Passion of mine and I take extra time to make sure every one of my students in each course, whether it is CPR, First Aid, BLS, Firearms training or CCW training, time to learn and obtain the proper knowledge and skills to be able to perform each task effectively.

Thank you for your time and I hope to be meeting you soon.


Richard Martin



Our Story

Rescue74CPR is a Veteran owned, Veteran operated small business.  We operate primarily in teaching necessary skills to save a life either utilizing the use of emergency life saving skills or by defending yourself with a firearm.  We believe in training and we take time to make sure each and every one of our course participants receive the training and hands on skills desired.  We have multiple different courses in our portfolio that will suit your needs.  We cover CPR/AED for all ages, Basic First Aid, BLS, Oxygen Administration, Firearms safety training, Concealed Carry Weapon training, Beginners through Advanced pistol training, home defense courses, Advanced CCW training, Defensive Pistol Tactics training and more...

Meet The Team

Richard Art.webp

Richard Martin

Owner/Lead Instructor


Ryan Rogers
CCW Instructor
USCCA Home Defense


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